Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity Songs

The Emblem of the Delta Sigma Phi

Ooooh, a man may be a very good man.
A very good man may be,
But a better man he’s sure to become when he joins a fraternity.
He may past the test of second best, but the man who’s best says I-I-I-I!
Is the man who wears upon his chest,
The emblem of the Delta Sigma Phi, Boom-Boom-Boom.
The emblem of the Delta Sigma Phi, Boom-Boom-Boom.
The emblem of the Delta Sigma Phi! BOOM-BOOM!!

Gordian Knot

Gordian knot of friendships bright in Del-ta Sig-ma Phi
Lamp of culture sheds it’s light on Del-ta Sig-ma Phi
Though the years are swiftly winging
To thy mem’ry we’ll be clinging
In our Hearts we’ll still be sing-ing Del-ta Sig-ma Phi!
Lift your voices high to honor Del-ta Sig-ma Phi
True Fra-ter-nal Bond Eternal Del-ta Sig-ma Phi
Ever loyal ever faithful
We will be forever faithful
Through the ages sing the praise Del-ta Sig-ma Phi

The Secret Seal of Delta Sigma Phi

Just get her in the corner and hold her close like this.
Just put your arms around her waist and on her lips a kiss.
Now if she starts to murmur, or if she starts to sigh,
just tell her it’s the secret seal of Delta Sigma Phi.

My Delta Sigma Phi Sweetheart

You’re the sweetest girl in the world to me,
How life would be lonely without you.
You’re an inspiration to all you see,
For there’s something different about you.
So here is my love song, sung with all my heart.
I dream all day while we’re apart.
You’re the sweetest thing in the world to me,
my Delta Sigma Phi Sweetheart.

Dream Girl of Delta Sigma Phi

Gather a round you Delta Sigs, it’s time for a serenade.
Gather around my brothers, and sing to this pretty maid.
Moon-light on campus walks down the lane,
Rallies before that big football (b-ball) game.
Here in this bright whirl,
I met my Dream Girl of Delta Sigm Phi.
Hay rides in autumn,
Proms in the spring.
That good-night kiss that said everything,
Said you were my dream girl,
My darling Dream Girl of Delta Sigma Phi.
And then when we’ve graduated, we will fondly re-call.
The good times we had together,
And in memory we’ll relive them all.
For life was meant to be shared by two,
And for my partner I’ve chosen you.
You’re such a rare pearl,
You are a the Dream Girl of Delta Sigma Phi (Girls Name).