GRANGEVILLE – “We’ve seen all kinds of weather,” a group of 16 young men agreed as they gathered on U.S. Highway 95 outside of Grangeville April 11.

As it rained, snowed, the wind blew and the sun peeked out, the fraternity men of Delta Sigma Phi were just getting started on their annual “Bike to Boise” event. They started at the University of Idaho in Moscow, were planning to camp about halfway in New Meadows, and then make it to the Idaho State Capitol in Boise by Saturday, April 13.

“There, we will present a check to Hope House,” explained Michael Penn, fraternity president. “So far, we’ve raised about $2,000, but we are still collecting.”

Hope House is a home for children between the ages of 6 and 18 who are emotionally impaired, developmentally disabled, and/or come from disrupted adoptions or dysfunctional families.

In past years, money provided to Hope House has paid for meals, computers and sporting and playground equipment.

The biking event has been going on for years, said Delta Sigma Phi alumni Vaughn Wasem of Grangeville.

“Somewhere, there’s a photo of Don Solberg biking in the snow on top of White Bird Hill, and Pat Long is also an alumnus,” Wasem said. He provided pizza for the fraternity brothers when they went through and his mother, Eldene Wasem, made cookies for them.

Delta Sigma Phi is dry house at UI, so efforts are not spent on drinking, but on academics and community service.

The young men take turns riding a tandem bicycle to help raise awareness for their fund-raiser. They also had five vehicles traveling with them. They all said they look forward to a big reunion dinner with alumni at the end of their journey in Boise.

Follow the bike ride and fund-raising on Facebook at Delta Sigma Phi: Bike to Boise 2019; donate via Go Fund Me.