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Our mission is to empower and encourage our members to become Better Men – men of courage, men of action, and men of excellence. Our vision is to become America’s leading fraternity, with an unparalleled leadership experience; recognized as among the most respected and influential organizations on campuses; and a culture that compels all living members to actively participate.

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Delta Sigma Phi strives to ever convince the world of the sincerity of our purpose through a mission of Building Better Men. Our brotherhood inspires each member to be better versions of themselves and positively impact the world through their actions and influence—we challenge our men to be atypical, to break the mold, to be a beacon of strength for humanity. Delta Sigs everywhere are exhibiting the Courage to Dare, the Poise to Act and a Commitment to Excel.

Since its inception in 2006, more than 500 undergraduates, alumni and friends of Delta Sigma Phi have contributed to the development and refining of Vision 2025 to provide a common organization-wide strategic direction that meets the needs of the national organization and its local components. The list of contributors includes:
• Alumni Corporation Board members
• Chapter Advisors
• Undergraduate chapter officers
• Commissioners
• Current & Former Grand Councilmen
• Foundation Board of Trustees
• Leadership Institute Graduates
• Parents
• Recruitment Chairmen
• Regional Leadership Academy Participants
• Current & Former Undergraduate Advisory Committee Members
• Current & Former Headquarters Staff

Why Delta Sigma Phi?

  • Men Of Courage

  • Men of Action

  • Men Of Excellence

  • A Fraternity Of Firsts

  • Scholarship Opportunities

  • Strict No Hazing Policy

  • Leadership Training

Who We Are?

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DSP National Organization

2960 North Meridian Street

Phone: 317-634-1899

Web: Delta Sigma Phi

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